Reconnecting your body

to its natural source

of power



My journey into health, bodywork and spirituality began over 18 years ago.

Enjoying dance, spirituality and massage for hours a day, I had no idea where it was all going. In 2016, after finally leaving the corporate world, I realized I had earned a rich treasure-trove of wisdom and experience from my years in discovery.

Fully understanding the harmful levels of stress, emotional and physical suffering the 9 to 5 world brings, I decided to commit fully to helping people heal and reconnect to their own innate power.

I look forward to

serving you

"Raul is a wonderful and intuitive healer, he heals pain on multiple levels. I felt so much relief in my shoulders and neck after just a short session with him. He found all the points of stress and tension that I didn't even know I had. I highly recommend him for all bodywork."

Julie Liu

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